Extra weekly discounts and offers in Saudi Arabia on mobiles 70%


Extra offers on mobile phones and its accessories, Extra offers you on all mobile phone accessories and all electronics, bearing in mind that the prices offered to you by eXtra are unparalleled in other stores. Of endless offers and discounts.

Extra offers on mobile phone accessories: Extra offers you the strongest discounts on all mobile phone accessories, from wireless headphones to chargers for many others. Here are the most important offers available to you from eXtra in the following lines:

Apple AirPods with charging case 2nd generation. Huawei Freebuds Pro V Extra. A portable charger from Samsung with a capacity of 10000 mAh only at 69 Saudi riyals instead of 138 Saudi riyals. The Apple Watch 6 smartwatch in red is available at a price of 1449 SAR. Huawei Fit smart watch, priced at 369 SAR.

Extra discounts on tablets:

One of the advantages that Extra enjoys is that it provides offers on all mobile phones, in addition to electronics. Among the devices on which the offer is available are tablets. Here are the highlights of the Extra offer on tablets:

Huawei matepad pro 4G tablet with a capacity of 256 GB is available with 4 GB RAM at a price of 2199 SAR. Samsung tablet S7, 4G network, 128 GB, 6 GB RAM.

Extra huge downloads and discounts:

If you need to get any of the previous devices at reasonable prices, you can at any time head to eXtra and take advantage of its offers and discounts that suit everyone.

Extra discounts:

Extra discounts include more smart watches that are water-resistant and help you to know your health news, through which you can identify your heart rate and receive notifications in the event of a high or low heart rate. Here are the most prominent eXtra offers on smart watches:

The Apple Watch 6 smartwatch is available in red. Huawei Fit smart watch.

The watches offered to you by eXtra are from international brands, and all of them are distinguished by superior features, so be assured that eXtra is the right and safe place to buy all your needs.


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