Etisalat’s smart data centers are witnessing remarkable growth


Ali Amiri, CEO of Wholesale and Operator Services at Etisalat Group, confirmed that the customer base of Etisalat’s smart data centers, the SmartHub, is witnessing a remarkable growth, primarily due to the diversity and comprehensiveness of the centers, which provide the ideal environment for regional networking with end users.

He added: “As one of the largest independent data centers in the region, SmartHubs are an ICT bridge that connects continents and supports the vital operations of international clients. Etisalat is committed to making SmartHubs the preferred destination for operators around the world, cloud service providers, data exchanges and other companies looking for advanced data center services.”

Etisalat’s smart data centers are a digital partner for international partners in various industries, including telecommunications companies, non-traditional service operators, cloud service providers, content broadcasting networks, financial services, and online gaming platforms. Networked call centers are networked by a set of independent submarine cables that connect with Europe, the United States, the Middle East and Africa, providing services to more than 2 billion people with a response time of only 30 milliseconds to ensure the best experiences for customers.

Etisalat’s smart data centers, SmartHub, are also classified as the largest connection point for submarine cables in the region, providing operators with a range of flexible services at reasonable fees, including data service, voice calls, mobile and satellite services and data traffic exchange.

Etisalat recently won the title of “Best Regional Operator for Smart Data Centers” at the “Global Carrier Community Awards 2021” in the German capital, Berlin. Make a positive impact on business.

Ali Amiri said: “Etisalat is committed to the pursuit of excellence and innovation, which has enabled SmartHub to become one of the most advanced and growing data centers in the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Our centers have become a vital part of the region’s digital infrastructure and will continue to provide world-class services to our customers to meet their changing needs.”

The SmartHub system consists of 3 facilities: SmartHub 1 Fujairah, SmartHub 2 Fujairah, and SmartHub Dubai. Etisalat is currently building the fourth center in the UAE, which is scheduled to be completed in the first quarter of 2022, in a move aimed at raising the international capabilities and capacities of the centers to meet the growing needs of international customers across Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas.



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