Entry of children and accompanying persons.. 9 new procedures for travelers to Al-Sa`


10:13 am

Thursday 23 September 2021

Books – Youssef Afifi:

Adel Hanafi, Vice President of the General Federation of Egyptians in Saudi Arabia, revealed new decisions and procedures taken by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia regarding the entry of arrivals to its lands, starting today, Thursday, September 23, 2021.

Hanafy confirmed to Masrawy that the procedures will include updating the entry mechanism and procedures for those coming to Saudi Arabia from residents and visitors from the countries from which they are allowed to come, and reducing the period of institutional quarantine as follows:

1- Those who are not vaccinated or who have received one dose of the approved vaccines in Saudi Arabia shall submit a PCR examination within 72 hours before entering the Kingdom.

2- Institutional quarantine procedures are applied to him for 5 days, during which two examinations are performed, the first within 24 hours of arrival and the second on the fifth day.

3- Commitment to the times of the Corona examination based on what appears to him in the application of (Tawakulna), and the period of institutional stone ends with the appearance of a negative result.

4- The arrival who has completed one of the vaccines not approved by the World Health Organization and the Kingdom, or who has completed one of the vaccines approved by the organization and not approved in the Kingdom, must submit a negative PCR examination within 72 hours before arriving and follow the same previous institutional quarantine procedures.

Hanafi clarified that the Saudi Civil Aviation Authority stated that escorts are allowed to enter with their relatives, according to the following:

1- Non-vaccinated companions under the age of 18 are subject to home quarantine procedures for a period of 5 days, provided that the Corona (PCR) examination for those who have completed 8 years and above is carried out on the fifth day.

2- Institutional quarantine procedures are applied to non-vaccinated companions who have completed 18 years and above.

3- The resident must complete the vaccine doses available in the Kingdom after the end of the institutional quarantine period.

4- Those who have completed one of the unapproved vaccines in Saudi Arabia (Sinopharm – Sinovac) must obtain a booster dose of one of the approved vaccines available in the Kingdom after arrival.

5. Arrivals must register on the (Qudoom) platform before arriving in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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