Elham Shaheen and Yousra burn Yasmine Abdel Aziz’s heart and present her with the worst gift hours after her arrival


The artist, Yasmine Abdel Aziz, who has just returned from her medical trip abroad, did not lack anything but to see the stars of art celebrating the birthday of her enemy and the wife of her ex-wife, Mohamed Halawa (actress Reham Hajjaj).

Hajjaj celebrated her 34th birthday, accompanied by her husband, businessman Mohamed Halawa, in the presence of a number of stars of the artistic community, most notably the artist Yousra and Elham Shaheen.

The public is chasing Reham Hajjaj after her husband (Free Yasmine Abdel Aziz) tried to provoke her. You won’t believe what he did

Yaham Hajjaj, with her followers on her Instagram account, shared a set of photos that documented her birthday party, during which she appeared with her husband, businessman Mohamed Halawa, artist Nelly Karim, artist Ilham Shaheen, media figure Bossi Shalaby, artist Yousra, and director Enas El-Deghaidi, artist Mohamed El-Sharnoubi and his wife Randa Riad, producer Jamal El-Adl and his wife.

The celebration coincided with the return of the artist, Yasmine Abdel Aziz, from her treatment trip, which lasted for weeks in Switzerland, which some considered as a message of incitement from Reham Hajjaj to Yasmine Abdel Aziz.

Some criticized the presence of senior artists, led by Yousra and Elham Shaheen, for this occasion, and ignoring the visit of the artist, Yasmine Abdel Aziz, who returned to Egypt yesterday, Thursday.

Some considered what happened as an extension of the crisis that took place between the artist, Yasmine Abdel Aziz, the announcer, Bossi Shalaby, and the artist, Reham Hajjaj, about 3 months ago.

The beginning of the crisis was with a talk by the artist Reham Hajjaj in one of the media interviews with the announcer, Bossi Shalaby, in which she talked about her pregnancy from her husband, Mohamed Halawa, who is free of Yasmine Abdel Aziz.

As soon as the television meeting ended, the audience was surprised by a publication by Abdel Aziz, responding indirectly to this meeting, and published a “comic” from her latest series, “Al-Malouch Kabir,” commenting on it, saying: “God bless you, O Joz Harbeeq.”

The crisis is burning

The crisis intensified as soon as Abdel Aziz published her comment, as the audience immediately understood that she was referring to Hajjaj and Shalabi, so the audience entered the line and skirmishes began on social media.

And the matter did not stop there, but Abdel Aziz published a video clip of director Enas Al Degheidy, and she asks a question about her (Abdul Aziz) to the media, Shalaby, during her program “Sheikh Al-Hara and Al-Dariah”, telling her: “Yasmine Abdelaziz, the number one artist in Egypt, because she succeeds.” Black and white cinema and television.

Shalaby refused to answer in the affirmative or negative, stressing that Yousra is number one in the Arab world. Abdel Aziz commented on the video, with a laughing face, and wrote on it “Hamout”, as a kind of mockery of Shalaby.

At a time when the pioneers of the communication sites circulated the sarcastic response of Abdulaziz to Shalaby’s statements against her, the latter ignored what happened, and “Promo” published an upcoming television interview that brings her together with Hajjaj through her Instagram account.

Shalaby confirmed that the episode is “very special”, stressing that it has not appeared in 6 years, and that it will open the “black box” and reveal all the secrets. She was not satisfied with that only, but also stated that Abdelaziz “still loves her ex-husband, Muhammad Halawa.”

Abdel Aziz broke her silence, to respond to the above through a video that she collected with her husband, artist Ahmed Al-Awadi, through her personal account on Instagram, on a song by Rami Ayyash, and they exchanged looks, and commented on her saying: “My love is forever”, so that her husband republishes the video through his personal account again.

family intervention

In light of the outbreak of the crisis, Wael, the brother of the artist Abdel Aziz, appeared to exacerbate the situation by publishing posts on his personal page on “Facebook”, saying: “Yasmine is a big star and the only one in her generation who has box office in the cinemas of the Arab world, and the highest paid .. This is something the drama and cinema market throughout the Arab world knows well.”

Celebrities in the artistic and journalistic community entered the crisis line, through comments in support of Abdel Aziz, others defending Hajjaj, or a third criticizing Shalaby.

A large number of art stars and stars were keen to participate in the celebration of the birthday of star Reham Hajjaj, which was held in the villa of her husband, businessman Mohamed Halawa, where the two big stars Yousra and Ilham Shaheen, film director Enas El Deghaidi, star Nelly Karim, media figure Bossi Shalaby, and the great producer attended. Jamal Al-Adl and his family, the artist Mohamed Al-Sharnoubi and his wife Randa Riad, and a number of community women and Reham’s friends from outside the artistic community.

The lady of the community, Lamia Halawa, also attended, and the Christmas party was dominated by a distinct festive atmosphere, especially in light of the surprise prepared by businessman Muhammad Halawa for his wife, Reham Hajjaj. In letters, this is in addition to writing her name with flowers and attractively lit lights, in the middle of the garden of their villa.

In a different context, the star, Reham Hajjaj, continues her preparations for her new Ramadan series, and it is scheduled to be announced during the next few days, after settling on the main details of the work, directed by and participating artists..

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