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Jeddah, Muharram 30, 1443 AH, corresponding to September 07, 2021 AD
King Abdulaziz University signed, at its headquarters, a joint cooperation agreement in the field of developing national industries with Saudi Aramco for base oils “Luberef”, in the presence of a number of leaders.
The university was represented in the agreement by its president, Dr. Abdul Rahman bin Obaid Al Youbi, while the Saudi Aramco Base Oil Company “Luberef” was represented by the CEO and Chief Executive Officer, Tariq Al-Naim.
Through the agreement, the two parties seek to enhance joint cooperation and community service in accordance with the vision of the Kingdom 2030, by training male and female students to increase the employment rates of graduates, and to develop laboratories and laboratories to increase the proportion of laboratories conforming to international quality standards and the number of approved laboratory tests serving the petrochemical sector, in addition to the participation of research cooperation And information on joint projects to increase the percentage of research related to the national industry, in addition to coordinating the work of graduation projects by studying the operations that take place at the Saudi Aramco Refinery for Base Oils “Luberef”.
The agreement aims to provide opportunities for summer and cooperative training and graduation projects for undergraduate students and research for graduate students, and to work jointly to organize and implement scientific trips in the refineries of the first party “Luberef”, with the aim of benefiting from the available practical experiences and working on a number of joint practical and applied studies and research between the two parties to serve Projects and initiatives for the petrochemical sector, and the opportunity for graduate students to research, study and apply research projects.
The agreement also aims to coordinate efforts and cooperate in establishing a research chair for Luberef under the auspices and supervision of the university, and finally participate in conferences, symposiums, professional forums, workshops and scientific courses, and contribute to organizing this for the benefit of both parties.
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