Don’t make this mistake.. it renders vitamin D useless!


It is not hidden from one of the great benefits of vitamin D on human health, however, nutritionist Whitney Crouch warned that taking vitamin supplements without an important group of foods may not bring you the same results.
He explained that it is possible that the human body will not be able to fully absorb the enormous benefits of vitamin D if it is not combined with these supplements.
Many benefits of good health
In a statement to the specialized medical website Eat This Not That, Crouch also considered that taking vitamin D or including it in your diet provides many advantages to staying healthy.
According to the information, it is necessary for everyone between the ages of one and 70 years to get 600 international units (IUs) of vitamin D daily, and that after the age of 70 this amount should increase to 800 international units.
He also added that vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, which means that unlike some other vitamins, it does not dissolve when combined with water.
Therefore, it is necessary that it be combined with fats to be properly distributed and absorbed by the body.
good fat
In addition, Crouch advised that the fats we consume along with vitamin D are beneficial, listing some of them as olive oil, avocado oil and flax oil as examples of healthy fats.
As for how much fat we need with vitamin D, a 2013 study suggested that foods containing about 10 grams of fat may support optimal absorption of this type.


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