Discovery of a plant compound to treat prostate cancer


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Discovery of a plant compound to treat prostate cancer

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Orchid flower

Scientists from Australia and China have proven that orchids contain a compound that has an effective effect in treating prostate cancer.

Frontiers in Oncology notes that the study, conducted by Australian University of Sydney scientists in collaboration with their Chinese colleagues, showed that the natural compound irinin from the pipenzel group found in Dendrobium chrysotoxum, a species of orchid native to Southeast Asia, could be an effective new treatment for cancer. Prostate, the most common cancer in the world.

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High testosterone increases the risk of prostate cancer

Researchers have discovered that irinin has antitumor effects in early and late stages of androgen-dependent prostate cancer.

Dr Yanvi Tse from the University of Sydney says, “At all stages of development, prostate cancer cells need androgens – male sex hormones like testosterone – to grow. Hormone therapy, aimed at lowering androgen levels, can help slow or limit the growth of the cancer. When it stops Prostate cancer stops responding to this treatment and continues to grow, the disease entering the next stage known as castration resistance.”

And it became clear to the researchers that iranin raises the level of the fatty acid C16 in cancer cells, which leads to the destruction of the endoplasmic network of cells and their death. It turned out that Iranin at a late stage of the development of a cancerous tumor is not enough, but with an artificial increase in C16 ceramide in cells, its effectiveness increased a lot, which led to the mass death of cancer cells.

The researchers believe that the Iranian compound can play an important role in creating new drugs capable of treating the early and late stages of prostate cancer, and saving the lives of many patients.

Source: RIA Novosti


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