Discover the cause of obesity and diabetes


Australian scientists revealed for the first time, the cause of obesity and insulin resistance, confirming that it is a defect in the lymphatic system of the mesentery, with which the abdominal cavities are connected in the back wall of the abdomen.

According to Nature Metabolism, scientists from Monasha University’s Melbourne Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, along with colleagues from other Australian universities, have discovered that a high-fat diet stimulates the development of a tortuous network of lymphatic vessels in the mesentery “of the organs of the human digestive system”.

These vessels allow the leakage of lymph fluid rich in intestinal fat metabolites and inflammatory mediators into the visceral adipose tissue in the abdominal cavity, causing the accumulation of fat in the abdomen and leading to insulin resistance, according to “Russia Today”.

Lead researcher Natalie Trevaskis said: “For the first time in this study, we were able to discover the biological cause of fat accumulation around the abdomen, with higher rates of metabolic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, compared to fat accumulation in other areas of the body. We demonstrated that a high-fat diet leads to mesenteric lymphatic vessel dysfunction, which in turn promotes abdominal fat accumulation and insulin resistance.”

In addition, the researchers present empirical evidence that interfering with this cycle by inhibiting pathways associated with lymphatic dysfunction, may be a treatment for obesity and related diseases. It turned out that when lab mice were injected with a COX-2 inhibitor, the structure of their mesenteric vessels improved, their weight stopped increasing, and glucose intolerance and elevated blood insulin levels, which are conditions associated with type 2 diabetes, were eliminated.

The researchers achieved this success, thanks to an innovative method of delivering the inhibitor directly to the mesenteric lymphatic vessels with a special drug, which the researchers hope, after clinical trials, will become an effective drug in the treatment of obesity and related diseases.



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