Disadvantages of breathing through the mouth during sleep


Breathing provides the body with oxygen and allows us to release carbon dioxide, and we usually use our nose to breathe, but some problems in the nose such as congestion may cause many people to breathe through their mouths, especially during sleep.

Indian dietitian Pooja Makija says in her post on “Instagram”, that children’s breathing from the mouth involves many damages such as tooth curvature, congenital malformations and developmental problems. While it causes bad breath, gum problems and exacerbates some symptoms of various diseases in adults.

In addition to the above, mouth breathing during sleep can lead to snoring, hoarseness, tired waking, chronic fatigue, not to mention darkening around the eyes and brain fog.

According to Pooja, breathing through the mouth can lead to many chronic diseases such as chronic allergies, seasonal rhinitis, sinusitis, asthma and anxiety.

Pooja has suggested some ways to improve nasal breathing, such as taking high-quality vitamin C supplements, curcumin that clears blocked sinuses, zinc-rich foods and supplements. Pooja advises consulting your nutritionist about the dosages and duration of taking these supplements to avoid any potential harms, according to the Indian Express.


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