Depression testing in Saudi Arabia is better than vaccines


The Ministry of Health’s depression test service topped the rest of the services in terms of evaluating visitors to the ministry’s website, as 33,427 visitors out of 43,723 participants liked the page’s content, ahead of the Corona vaccine reservation services, vaccination appointments and other services.As for the content that scored the highest rating on the Ministry of Health website, it was the “Corona vaccine” content, followed by the blood donation content, while the “Frequently Asked Questions” and “BMI Calculation” content scored the least among the content displayed on the Ministry’s website. .

Top Rated Services

01 test service Do you suffer from depression

02 Submitting a request to approve the vaccine inside the Kingdom

03 Book an appointment to receive the (Corona) vaccine

04 Inquiry about a transaction

05 Alert children’s vaccinations dates

Lowest Rated Services

01 jobs available

02 Medical examination before marriage

03 Affidavit service

04 Inquiry about requests for treatment abroad

05 Submission of an application for approval of the vaccine inside the Kingdom

Top Rated Content

01 Corona Vaccine

02 donate blood

03 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

04 clinics reassure

05 contact us

Lowest Rated Content

01 FAQ

02 Calculating BMI

03 Medical examination before marriage

04 Extended Examination

05 The National Campaign Against Overweight and Obesity

of depression test

Do you suffer from depression?

I find it difficult to fall asleep, stay asleep, or sleep for long periods

I feel lethargic and lazy

I lost my appetite or binge-eat

I feel bad about myself or I let my family down

I feel hard to focus


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