Daily habits that stand behind the beauty and youth of Haifa Wehbe


Age is just a number in Haifa Wehbe’s life. The Lebanese star is nearing the age of fifty and still enjoys an enviable beauty on the Arab and international levels. It is not a coincidence or good luck, but rather a mixture of many things, including good genes and divine beauty, including cosmetic procedures, and the great credit is also due to daily care.

By following her closely on social media, it is easy to discover her lifestyle. Haifa often appears in the “Instagram Story” feature with a bare face. This tells us two things: The first is that she definitely sticks to a strict skincare routine, especially serums, moisturizers and sunscreen, and gets enough sleep because her skin is visibly nourished and plump. The second is that she goes out in her daily life away from photography and parties without makeup, which is very good for the skin.

The second thing is that she does exercise all the time. Besides sharing photos of herself working out in the gym, her agility tells us just that. This also must be compared with her following a balanced diet and also drinking large amounts of water, which is also reflected positively on her skin.

As for makeup, Haifa combines high taste and intelligence in choosing her makeup looks. You know that her eyes have a special and rare charm, and she is keen to show them either through contact lenses, modern colors on her eyelids, or the killer eye drawing with smokey and eyeliner.


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