Cuba.. Begins to vaccinate children against corona for those over two years old


And if other countries such as China and Venezuela have announced their intention vaccinate childrenCuba, which is facing an increase in the number of HIV infections, is the first to take this step.

This campaign, in which the Cuban vaccines “Abdullah” and “Superana” are used, will include in the first stage adolescents aged 12 years and over, to be expanded later, to include, as of September 15, children aged between two and 11 years.

Laura Lantega, 17, who attended Saul Delgado High School in Havana to receive her first The three doses“I’ve always wanted to get vaccinated” against COVID-19, told AFP.

She recounted that the doctors at the place “measured the pressure and temperature, examined us, and then we were vaccinated,” adding that after that, we had to “wait for an hour to observe any possible reaction.” She stressed that she was feeling “good.”“.

Besides her, Ronald Martinez, who has just turned 18, said, “It’s really a good experience. We feel that through vaccination, we can re-enjoy a social life.”“.

It will also allow vaccination back to school, This is because schools in the country have been closed since March 2020 and only opened for a short period of time, for a few weeks, at the end of the year, before reopening in January..

The Cuban government decided not to reopen schools until all children in the country were vaccinated.

Once the campaign ends, the government plans to reopen educational institutions in stages, in October and November.

The island, with a population of 11.2 million, recorded a total of 672,599 injuries, including 5,538 deaths


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