Crystal Palace owner to Liverpool: Give Mohamed Salah a bigger salary, otherwise you will pay 100 million!


Former Crystal Palace owner Simon Jordan believes that it is natural for Liverpool to increase the salary of the first-team football winger, Mohamed SalahBig up to keep him inside Anfield.

And according to the British newspaper, “Mirror”, Mohamed Salah wants to receive a weekly salary of 500,000 pounds, and therefore so far he has not reached an agreement with Liverpool to extend his current contract until June 2023.

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Simon Jordan

Jordan spoke about his point of view during his interview with the British “talkSPORT” network, and said: “It is logical to give Mohamed Salah a significant increase in salary.”

And he continued: “You have to consider Mohamed Salah’s position with Liverpool and the cost of his compensation if he leaves the team, if you have to replace him with another player because you refuse to increase his salary, you have to sign a player at a price of 100 million pounds.”

He added: “If you sign a player worth 100 million pounds, what is his salary? It will not be less than 300 or 400,000 pounds per week, plus you will pay 100 million pounds for the deal.”

He continued his statements: “From an economic point of view, and in the midst of the wild prices that you hear in the transfer market, it is possible that each party will stick to its position, and this is what is called negotiation.”

He continued: “There are only two years left for Mohamed Salah’s contract, if it is not resolved.” Leferball The matter now, the pressure on them will increase a lot in the coming period, and perhaps then Paris Saint-Germain will appear and they will try to sign the player with a large amount of money, especially since in Spain, they do not spend any money with Javier Tebas (President of the Spanish League).

And he concluded: “Therefore, Liverpool must resolve the matter and try to keep its player strong without any particular reason in the interest of the club in the end.”


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