Corrective deadline for owners of damaged vehicles to drop them from their records – Saudi News


Approval was issued for the technical link between the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing, and the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority, to enable them to exchange information and data related to neglected or damaged vehicles located in public squares, parking lots, streets or roads and their owners, and to verify that there are no security restrictions on them. before taking any action on it.It was decided that the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing, through the secretariats, confirm that the contractors of towing, seizing and canceling the registration of abandoned vehicles, adhere to the relevant laws, instructions and regulations when they carry out the work related to the withdrawal and seizure of vehicles and cancel their registration.

The approval also approved granting a corrective period of one year, starting from the date of March 1, 2022, to the owners of neglected or damaged vehicles who wish to drop these vehicles from their records, and the state bears those who transfer the ownership of their damaged or neglected vehicle to the shops selling vehicles whose registration has been canceled ( Scraping) or approved iron press shops, within that period, the fees and fines resulting from those vehicles. The Ministry of Interior sets the necessary rules and procedures for this, while the Ministry and the Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence complete what is necessary in the matter of automating the procedures for this corrective period. . The decision cautioned that the Ministry of Interior, in conjunction with the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing, launched a media campaign using the available means of communication and text messages to inform vehicle owners who wish to drop their abandoned or damaged vehicles from their records, and that this campaign should start 90 days before the date of the start of the aforementioned corrective period. to her.

The decision urged the Ministry of the Interior to coordinate with the relevant authorities – within (90) days from the date of the decision, to set up a mechanism to address the status of registered vehicles whose owners are not aware of their whereabouts, and that this treatment includes how to receive reports and treat the vehicle’s status if found. and the consequent fees, fines or sums, and the extent of the need to include them in the corrective period referred to in Clause (Third) of this decision, and lifting what is required to complete a legal procedure in this regard. The decision stressed that government agencies – who are legally allowed to sell vehicles – list the vehicles they sold on the shops of vehicles whose registration has been canceled (repair) or approved iron press shops, and coordinate with the relevant traffic department, to ensure that they are dropped from the traffic records. And he indicated that the implementation of the decision does not entail any additional financial burdens on the state’s general budget.


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