Corona Virus: What are the “spoof” antibodies that may be behind the acute infection of Covid-19?


  • Pablo Ochoa
  • BBC

Antibodies attack corona virus 2

picture released, Getty Images

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Antibodies are essential in fighting viruses, but sometimes they go astray and attack healthy tissues in the body itself

Since the emergence of COVID-19, scientists have been trying to understand why the infection affects people so differently.

Why do some get sick more severely than others? And why are different parts of the body affected for sometimes long periods, as in the case of a long-term Covid infection?

Currently, evidence is mounting that some of these cases may be related to the secretion of “spoof” antibodies known as “autoantibodies”.

It is well established that antibodies fight infection, but autoantibodies miss the target and attack the body’s own cells, tissues, or organs, not the foreign body.


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