Connect bluetooth headphones to Nintendo Switch

20 Thanks to the recent update to Nintendo Switch devices, users can now pair Bluetooth headsets with their Nintendo Switch devices.

And that without the need to buy any external parts or external connections, except for the headset that uses the Bluetooth only.

You can also use any Bluetooth headset without the need to use a specific brand or company.

This update was one of the updates requested by many users in the recent period, as you were not able to connect wireless headphones with Switch devices previously.

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Using bluetooth headphones with Nintendo Switch

You can use the headphones via Bluetooth technology without the need for any wires or connections between the speaker and the device.

But you need to install the 13.0 update first in the device before using this feature, and the update is available through the system settings.

You can follow these steps to make sure that the headset is properly connected:

At first, head to the Settings app, then choose Audio via Bluetooth and choose Connect Devices.

Put the device into the tethering state and also insert the headset into the tethering mode, via the button assigned to your headset.

After that, put the headset close to the device, so that the device can easily identify it, and when the headset appears on the Switch screen, click on it.

Then choose to agree to all the terms and instructions that appear on the screen, and thus you have connected the Bluetooth headset with your Nintendo Switch.

And you can use two controllers with the device if you use a Bluetooth headset, in addition to the fact that the headset stops working when using local communication.

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Other ways to use bluetooth headphones

You can connect Bluetooth headphones with Nintendo devices through more than one other unofficial way, where you can use an external adapter to connect.

This method allows you to connect the headset to the device while in Docked mode, and you can use more than one headset with the device through this method.

The device does not recognize the Bluetooth headset that you have connected with it, instead it recognizes it as a normal headset.

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