Communication accounts are trying to distort the image of Saudi Arabia with a fabricated story


Accounts on social media circulated a fabricated story saying that a man tried to kill a doctor who delivered his wife without the presence of a doctor, which is not true, as the images used in this claim are old and in fact are security training in a Saudi hospital to respond to an attack with a white weapon in 2016. “.

In the circulating photos, a number of apparently security men are shown holding a masked man.

The accompanying comments read, “A Saudi is trying to kill a doctor who delivered his wife because there was no female doctor.”

This post garnered thousands of comments and interactions on Facebook and Instagram.

By examining the photos, it appears that a number of the people appearing in them are smiling and do not show signs of anxiety or fear on their faces.

Subsequently, the search for images on search engines led to news published by Saudi media in 2016, accompanied by the same images.

These pictures were circulated in the same way through the means of communication in that year, and that the Baysh General Hospital in Jazan, in the southwest of the Kingdom, at the time denied that these pictures showed an attack on a doctor, and the Health Directorate in Jazan confirmed that it was a “hypothesis experiment.”


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