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​ A new feature launched by the famous conversations application “WhatsApp” has a negative impact on old conversations, as the new technology deletes old conversations from the account automatically, through the new version of “WhatsApp Beta” that is available on “Google Play”, according to what he said. Statement website.

Delete all chats

The WhatsApp application, owned by Facebook, will soon delete a large number of messages automatically, and when used across a group of devices at the present time, the deleted message from the “iPhone” or “Android” device remains available on the desktop. Delete chats on all other devices, except for the device where the WhatsApp account is currently opened.

This will change soon, as WhatsApp is testing a feature that synchronizes chat deletion across all devices, and that feature will hide any messages once they are deleted from the application in the iOS or Android operating system.

Voice-to-speech feature

In another context, Facebook announced a new feature that enables its users to read voice messages, by converting them into written words, and knowing what the speaker said to you, but this feature is only available on iPhone phones only.

Also, some may be disturbed by hearing voice messages all the time, and there are those who may hate this behavior and like the option of fast playback to pass a long time, but some may not want to listen to those voice notes at all, because they are in places that are difficult to listen to the message, or even In the mood does not wish to listen to any human voice.

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