Colors of the homeland | Leaking features of the iPhone 14 Pro Max before it was launched from “Apple” .. reveals surprises


The leak of the features of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the most popular search engine on the “Google” website, was issued, in a desire to know all the details about the new phone before it was launched on the market from the global company “Apple”.

It is expected that Apple will hold its expected conference on September 14, to reveal the leaked iPhone 13 versions, and this means that next year we will get the iPhone 14 series and its advantages, and today the first versions of the iPhone were released. iPhone 14 Pro MaxAccording to the specialized technical website “gsmarena”.

Leaking features of the iPhone 14 Pro Max before it was launched from “Apple” reveals surprises

The design isn’t a huge departure from what Apple has been doing lately, but there are two somewhat shocking elements, both of which are missing. iPhone notch, which is completely gone and replaced with a single selfie camera punched in the middle, and also no notch for the cameras on the back.

Information about iPhone 14 Pro Max features

The leak shows the advantages of the new device, including the metal frame, which is said to be titanium, and the design is very reminiscent of the design of the iPhone 4, and the offers were not actually leaked from “Apple” itself, but were leaked by a person based on many information he was able to collect about the new version of the mobile .

It is noted that the colors of the phone shown in the images are just a preliminary perception and not final, and also no details were revealed about what’s inside the iPhone 14 Pro Max at this time, but a previous rumor mentioned the presence of a 6.7-inch screen and a 48-megapixel main camera, with capture support The video is in 8K resolution.


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