Colors of the homeland | Alternative chat applications.. Plan to cancel SMS messages and activation steps


Short text messages known as “SMS” are one of the things that millions of phone users around the world rely on, and in light of this, Google plans to change its experience through the RCS protocol.

RCS protocol details

RCS is an acronym for Rich Communication Services, and is defined as an integrated standard for communication andChat, but it needs support from service providers in order to work (telecom companies), and it is an alternative to the old SMS/MMS messaging standards, providing support for a large number of features and features that transform the experience of exchanging text messages to an experience similar to chat applications such as “WhatsApp” and “Telegram”. .

Within the framework of the protocol, some American telecommunications companies announced the addition of a messaging application «The GoogleIt is integrated into the new Android phones, according to Al Arabiya. net”.

Google began providing this feature for the first time in mid-2019, and the final experience of this technology can be described as similar to the popular messaging application iMessage, which is available in Apple products.

Through the Google Messages application, the user can add reactions, as well as the ability to send animated GIF images or even stickers, with support for sharing geographical location, and can rely on the Wi-Fi network.

How to use RCS on your phone

In order to use this new technology, it must be supported by the carrier, and in order to know if your line is supported or not, follow the following..

Download the Google Messages app from the Play Store.

Go to settings and then go to Chat Features settings.

– Activate chat features through Enable Chat Features.

If you do not find that these options are present or not able to activate, this means that the phone or the carrier does not support this feature.


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