Brazil wants to stop vaccinating teenagers from Corona after a death after being vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine


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The Brazilian government wants to stop vaccinating teenagers with the COVID-19 vaccines, due to a death under investigation and side effects that have emerged after some 3.5 million teenagers have already been vaccinated.

At a press conference, the Brazilian Minister of Health, Marcelo Quiroga, criticized states and cities for rushing to vaccinate adolescents between 12 and 17 years old who do not have health problems that put them at risk of severe Covid-19 symptoms, according to Reuters.

Quiroga said healthy teens who have already taken one dose should not take a second — in an effective attempt to halt teen vaccinations nationwide, without specifying a reason for seeking that suspension.

He added that the evidence for the effectiveness of vaccines for healthy adolescents is not yet confirmed, although clinical trial data has shown that they are effective in preventing the disease.

The Brazilian minister pointed out that 1545 cases of side effects were recorded in people, 93 percent of whom received doses of vaccines other than Pfizer / Biontech, which is the only vaccine approved for minors in Brazil.

He also said that one death was recorded in the city of São Bernardo do Campo, outside the state capital of São Paulo.

For its part, Brazil’s federal health regulator said there was “no evidence to support or require changes” to its approval of Pfizer’s vaccination of 12 to 17-year-olds.

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