Brad Pitt resumes his legal battle against Angelina Jolie


Actor Brad Pitt is seeking to review the latest court ruling in California, after his ex-wife won custody of their five children in her favour.
The British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, said that Pitt has petitioned the California Supreme Court to review the custody case that was made against his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie, after the exclusion of Judge John Oderkirk from the case. The petition argues that Judge Oderkerik’s disqualification effectively overturned the court’s ruling and California’s constitutionally authorized arbitration system, after winning the custody ruling. Pitt and Jolie had chosen the special judge for their case more than 4 years ago to oversee matters of divorce and custody, but Jolie objected to the judge’s presence in his position due to his great bias towards Pitt because of the friendship between them when he ruled joint custody between them, which Jolie rejects.


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