Balqis reveals that she suffers from “Shack Syndrome”!


The Yemeni artist, Belqis, revealed during her hosting during the “With You, Mona Al-Shazly” program, broadcast on the “CBC” channel, that she had “cottage syndrome”, due to her isolation during the spread of the Corona virus, saying that she wanted to know the condition in which she was living. in during this period.

The artist added that she was inclined to isolation and depression: “After Corona, people opened and went out, but I did not leave and did not know.

And Belqis continued, “I did not want to look at anything in the mirror, and I always wanted myself under the blanket at all times. I thought and said what failure I am in. I did not have the energy to see my family after an absence of 8 months, so I was not happy and I felt depressed and a tendency to isolation and I did not want to sing or do anything.” .

The artist added: “I knew that I had ‘cottage syndrome’ because I had been confined at home for a long time. People who stay in secluded places for a long time find it difficult to integrate into society.”

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