Balqis: I contracted “Shack Syndrome” after recovering from the Corona virus | Video


She said Singer BalqisShe deleted her post about Israa Gharib, as the expression in this story betrayed her, which led to the public’s anger at her after understanding that she was defending the perpetrator and not the victim in the case of Israa, who was subjected to domestic violence until she lost her life.

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And the “singer Belqis”, during her meeting with the media, Mona Al-Shazly, on the “With You” program broadcast on the “CBC” channel, Friday evening, that she had done an ongoing charity on the soul of Israa Gharib for life in order to compensate for what she found in her family of violence and injustice.

She added, that she contracted shack syndrome after recovering from the Corona virus, as she remained confined to her room for 8 months, and lived depression and isolation.


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