Babies born to mothers who experienced depression during or after pregnancy are more likely to have mental health problems


A new study has found that children of mothers who were depressed during pregnancy are more likely to develop depression themselves in the future.

postpartum depression

Bristol University experts have also found that young people face a higher risk if their mother develops postpartum depression.

The 14-year research project tracked 5,000 children up to the age of 24, regularly assessing their mental health.

The results showed that children of mothers with depression before or after birth were more depressed as adolescents than their peers.

Experts say this study highlights the importance of supporting mothers’ mental health during pregnancy and after childbirth.

Maternal mental health

This comes amid concerns about how maternal mental health is performing, and the impact of a lack of timeline for spotting, during the COVID-19 pandemic, as perinatal mental health issues, which cover pregnancy and 12 months after childbirth, are relatively common.

The NHS in England also estimates that a fifth of women suffer from postpartum depression and other mental health pain.

Depression during pregnancy and its effect on children

The researchers also used data from 5,029 people enrolled in the 1990s Children’s Study and as children, who were evaluated using a standard questionnaire to measure depression levels, which was then repeated nine times, and found, on average, that children of mothers who suffered from postpartum depression were depressed during Teenage.

Source: The Daily Mail


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