Awad: Al-Ismaili told me, “We will stop you from playing football.” The increase in confidence is the reason for our loss in the final of the century


, such as the amount that the club pays to obtain their services, and Awad said, in statements to the “On Time Stadium” program: I have no sin in Zamalek buying me with a large number, and the same is true of Hussein Al-Shahat and Salah Mohsen with Al-Ahly. .

He added: After our match with Al-Ahly, in which we drew, I saw that we were moving at a good pace, and as long as we were close to Al-Ahly, this makes us put pressure on him, and the players have quality and mentalities that put the team in its natural place by winning championships 5 or 6 years, but only away from external problems. .

He continued: We played a very big match in the final of the century, but we were not successful, especially in the ball of Ahmed Zizou, but our Lord did not write it for us, and I see that when we enter the top matches with excessive confidence, the opposite of what is expected.

The Zamalek goalkeeper revealed the scenes of his departure from Al-Ismaili, saying: I received an offer after my brilliance with Al-Ismaili, but Ibrahim Othman spoke to me, and said, “In order to look forward to renewing a season,” I agreed to his condition until the offer was accepted. From him to remain renewal after returning from the experience and already signed contracts.

He added: I was surprised two days later by the club’s administrative director talking to me that the club president wanted to talk to me.

He continued, “After returning from loan, I trained for two weeks in the club and felt that they were “overwhelming” me, and a club official spoke to me that the matter had become over. I saw the Ismaili team after my return that the players were not up to the team, and my view was correct, there were 3 or 4 captains of the team And they are the ones who will bear the responsibility. Indeed, my view was achieved in the following seasons after my departure.


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