“Autumn Star” decorates the sky of the Kingdom, accompanied by Jupiter and Saturn


revealed Jeddah Astronomical Society It is being monitored in the sky of the Arab world today, Saturday, and for several nights to come, the star “Mouth of the Whale” known as the “Autumn Star”, and it is monitored in Saudi Arabia after 7 pm local time.

Prominent Director Association Engineer Majed Abu Zahira said that the “Autumn Star” is seen with the naked eye, and Jupiter and Saturn will be near it on the dome of the sky, and the “mouth of the whale” is a bluish-white star of the second magnitude, which is twice as large as the sun and 20 times brighter, and is 25 years away from Earth. It is the brightest star in the Southern Whale star group, which consists of 7 stars arranged in an irregular hexagonal polygon.

He pointed out that this star is called by other names such as “the lone star” and “the lone star” or “the lone star”, and it will appear above the southeastern horizon, and there is no other bright star that is very low in this location at this time of the year.

Abu Zahira explained that with the passage of hours, the mouth of the whale reaches the highest point above the southern horizon; about 11 p.m., after which it sets on the southwest horizon; Approximately 4 a.m. local time.

He attributed the reason for this apparent movement of this star and the rest of the stars in the dome of the sky to the rotation of the Earth on its axis, in addition to the fact that the mouth of the whale is one of the brightest stars in the night sky, and is very important, as it was discovered years ago that it has a planetary disk, and this ring of dust that surrounds “Whale’s Mouth” may form planets someday.

It is reported that the current period and the next month will be good to see this star, and it will be at its best at midnight.


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