Australia.. Mass protests against vaccines and quarantine opponents in downtown Melbourne


Australia.. Mass protests against vaccines and quarantine opponents in downtown Melbourne


Several hundred opponents of vaccinations and coronavirus-related restrictions in some parts of Australia have taken part in mass protests that included violent clashes in downtown Melbourne. According to what was reported by “SBS” channel.

According to media outlets, the demonstrators threw flares and water bottles at the police and chanted for the abolition of restrictions and isolation measures.

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Video: Clashes between security forces and quarantine protesters in Australia

Police patrols intensified their presence in the area where the protesters are demonstrating, and the participants in the demonstration carried posters with slogans insulting the government and chanted slogans calling for freedom from any restrictions and refusal of compulsory vaccination.

Protests have continued in Australia’s second largest city since Saturday, September 18, due to the strict restrictions imposed by the region on construction workers.

And the authorities decided that construction company workers should get at least one vaccine against the Corona virus in the coming days to return to work.

After several clashes between protesters and police on Sunday, the Victoria state government decided to suspend all construction sites for two weeks until workers could be vaccinated. As a result, several thousand construction workers have been suspended without pay since Monday.

Australia’s trade union said it had nothing to do with the protests organized by “extremists who spread misinformation and lies about vaccinations”.

“This protest was organized and run by far-right and anti-vaccination groups,” said Sally McManu, secretary of the Australian Council of Trade Unions.

Source: TASS


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