Auction of the Mad Max: Fury Road fleet in Australia


Sydney: 13 cars used in the 2015 movie “Mad Max Fury Road” are being auctioned in Australia, sparking great enthusiasm among collectors.

“The first time I saw these cars, I was almost sure I heard one of them say, ‘I need someone to drive me in a rage,'” Geoff McCue, auto expert at Lloyd’s Auctions, told AFP.

The auction, which ends on Sunday, includes several vehicles that appeared in the fourth part of the “Mad Max” series by George Miller, including the huge “War Rig” tanker driven by Charlize Theron, or the “Razer Cola”, a Ford Falcon XP car.

“These cars shouldn’t stay in a warehouse, they should be here to get the respect they deserve,” Geoff McCue said.

The auction is attracting worldwide interest, especially from the casinos of Las Vegas or the Burning Man Festival in the United States, according to McCue.

Makio pointed out that it is difficult to put an estimated value for this group, despite his assertion that he refused to sell it “at a low price.”

As the auction ends on Sunday, owners of the 13 cars are required to be sold together in order to preserve part of the cinema’s history.

Although none of these cars would be allowed on the roads, McCue ruled that police would stop any of these mechanical “monsters”, including the Gigahorse, a 1959 Cadillac Deauville that could barely fit in its temporary headquarters in a Sydney warehouse.

The success of the film cemented the prominence of the Australian action series, whose first parts starred Mel Gibson in 1979.


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