Attractiveness to light, “sweet blood” and others… Myths chasing mosquitoes!


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Mosquitoes are a skilled attacker and bite their victims in a split second. Some may suffer from mosquito bites, and others may be less affected by them. No doubt the first thought that came to your mind now is that the first category is unlucky, because they have sweet blood. Or the idea that turning on the light in the bedroom and leaving the window open may attract mosquitoes to you. This is what everyone knows and avoids doing. But is this true? The German “Das Haus” website, dealt with three of the most famous myths that haunt mosquitoes.

The light in the bedroom attracts mosquitoes!
No. This is a false belief. It’s not the light that attracts mosquitoes to your bedroom when the window is open. You yourself are the reason mosquitoes make their way into your home through even the smallest crack in the mosquito netting, specifically the carbon dioxide you exhale and the smell of your skin, mosquitoes prefer such pungent smells. And in the case of excreting carbon dioxide or an attractive body odor, mosquitoes track both scents to their source, which is you, and this happens even in the dark.

Mosquitoes prefer “sweet blood”!
The taste of blood, sweet or less sweet, does not matter to mosquitoes. Female mosquitoes need blood protein to be able to produce eggs after fertilization. So they have to bite us in order to give birth to their offspring. Mosquitoes are also attracted to the smell of ammonia, the smell of lactic acid, and the smell of urine, which is emitted by humans through the skin through the decomposing sweat. Also, the scent that women emit at a certain point in their menstrual cycle is attractive to mosquitoes.
Read the full article on the DW website Press here


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