Ashton Sanders plays Bobby Brown in Whitney Houston movie


JustGird has revealed that Ashton Sanders will play singer Bobby Brown, husband of Whitney Houston, in the biographical film about the late star. I Wanna Dance With Somebody.

The feature film tells the story of Whitney Houston’s life and career, starring actress Naomi Aki, who plays the late singer, and the film is directed by Cassie Lemons, and written by Anthony McCarten, who wrote the screenplay for the film. Bohemian Rhapsody .

Whitney Houston
Whitney Houston

Ashton is best known for starring in the movie Moonlight Oscar-winning, considered a film Moonlight One of the works that reveal the truth of the American reality without falsifying the facts or burying heads in the sand to overlook what is happening on the land of America, which most of the world’s population believes to be the fortress of freedoms, but in fact it differs greatly from what appears on commercial cinema screens that promote the false American dream in its reality..

The events of the work revolve around a child whose mother suffers from drug addiction, and his existence becomes similar to his absence. The teenager finds himself suffering the same fate that he suffered in his childhood. He is persecuted by his friends, and he is still persecuted.


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