Art stars congratulate Saudi Arabia on its 91st National Day.. This is what they wrote


On the occasion of the 91st National Day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the pages of art stars across social networking sites were filled with congratulations and good wishes.

Everyone raced to express their strong love for Saudi Arabia, “which is dear to the hearts of all Arabs”, with gentle words and wonderful messages.

From Lebanon, the star “Elissa” wrote through her personal account on the Twitter site: “My warmest wishes for the Saudi National Day for this dear country, which had the luck to meet its family and people more than once in the past years, wishing you continued stability and progress, peace of mind and tranquility, on Hope for a permanent meeting on joy and hope. All love.

And the Bahraini artist, Hanan Reda, published a video clip of the song “We Missed Bahrain”, through her account on the “Instagram” application, and a writer commented on it: “Every year, you are a thousand good, our love. My blood is Bahraini and my heart is Saudi.”

And Asala tweeted through her official account on the Twitter site, saying: “We have a home and we are its people. Saudi Arabia is the homeland of the homeland, the pure land and the noble and loving people aspiring for glory, under a great courageous leadership that places a medal on the chest of our modern history. Long live the leadership and people, and may God bless her.”

Emirati star Hussain Al Jasmi also expressed his love for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through his account on “Instagram”, saying: “She has a home, and we love her, every year and our home is fine.. Saudi National Day.”

While the Kuwaiti singer Nawal wrote on Twitter: “Every year and the Kingdom of Glory is fine under the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz and his Crown Prince, His Highness Prince Muhammad bin Salman, may God protect you and honor you and honor your country.”

The artist Abdul Majeed Abdullah sent congratulations to the Saudi people via the Trending program, in which he said, “Every year and my country is fine, every year and my beloved country is good and safe, our dear beloved country, people and government, every year and you are good.” After completing the congratulations, he sang a song .. the people It all says long live Salman.

In celebration of this great national occasion, the artist Majid Al Mohandes released the song “Inspirational”, which is produced by “The Spirit of Saudi Arabia”, during which he reviewed the most beautiful regions that Saudi Arabia embraces on its soil, and it is from the words of the poet Al-Jadel, and distributed by Hisham Al-Sukran, and shortly after its launch it achieved two million views. .

The Egyptian artist Ramy Jamal also congratulated the Saudis via “Twitter”, saying: “Every year and all my Saudi brothers are in God’s protection, honor and security. Every year and you and your loved ones are fine. Every year, you are our brothers and the home of our kiss.”

And the Emirati star, Ahlam, said on Twitter: “Every year and my country, Saudi Arabia, is fine.”


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