Are you one of them?.. Studies prove that some people secrete antibodies that attack it instead of corona


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Recent studies have proven that some people produce antibodies that attack vital body systems instead of attacking the Corona virus.

According to the studies published by BBC, it gave an explanation for the variation in the severity of the disease among patients, as well as revealed the reasons why different parts of the body were affected for sometimes long periods.

Researchers from Yale University in the United States have discovered that some bodies secrete antibodies that damage the immune system and tissues in the brain, blood vessels and platelets, the liver, and the digestive system.

In confirmation of this, says Aaron Ring, professor of immunology The assistant at Yale University: “In the event of Covid infection, autoantibodies can target dozens of pathways of the immune system,” noting that antibodies are “a double-edged sword; they are necessary to counteract infection, but some Corona patients secrete types of them that harm their personal cells and tissues.” .

Ring published a study in the medical journal Nature, which relied on examining the blood samples of 194 patients who had been infected with Covid to varying degrees, to reveal a “remarkable increase” in the activity of autoantibodies, so that the higher their number, the more severe the disease.

The journal Science published a study that discovered It revealed that about 10% of about 1,000 corona patients had autoantibodies, confirming that 95% of these were men.

The study proved that the work of these deceptive bodies, and their attack on the vital body systems, is the reason behind the Corona threat to the patient’s life.


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