Arab stars shine at the 19th Murex D’or party


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Lebanese and Arab stars recently starred in Murex d’or party Murex D’or 2019, in its nineteenth session, where they adopted multiple makeup methods that mimic the most prominent makeup trends, and hairstyles dominated by softness and simplicity. Below is a tour of the makeup and hairstyles of the stars at the Murex D’or 2019 party, who do you think is the most beautiful?
Karol Smaha
The star, Carole Samaha, adopted the luxurious bronze make-up, and surprised her audience with her short hair, which she adopted after a long period of her appearance with long, flowing hair.

Egyptian star Angham, in turn, adopted a look that combined softness and sophistication at the same time, based on smokey blue eye makeup and pink lipstick. On the other hand, Angham adopted a very soft hairstyle, leaving her curry hair in soft waves, with side bangs.

Stephanie Saliba
Actress Stephanie Saliba caught the eye with her soft pink makeup and glowing, luminous skin. On the other hand, she relied on the wavy hair falling on the back and shoulders, which brought her back to its beginnings, and she decorated this hairstyle with a soft silver crown studded with flowers, which added to her look sophistication and luxury.

Pamela Cake
For her part, Pamela Cake chose a makeup that combined strength and simplicity. At a time when she adopted eye shadows and lipsticks in warm colors, she used black eyeliner inside her eyes in order to make them bigger and wider, giving her sharp and strong looks. She also adopted a soft, flowing hairdo on her back, giving her an elegant and feminine look.

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