Apple is working on a technology that could help diagnose depression


Informed sources revealed that Apple is working on a new technology that can be used to help diagnose mental health conditions such as depression and cognitive decline.

The sources said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal that “Apple” is working on this technology in cooperation with the University of California in Los Angeles and the “Biogen” biotechnology company, to better develop health-related sensors in its devices.
The Apple Watch and iPhones already have advanced technology that can monitor heart rate, sleep and activity.
However, the sources confirmed that the company’s researchers will develop health-related sensors in Apple devices to diagnose mental health conditions, including depression and anxiety.

The sources indicated that the new technology will look at the signals received from the technology of monitoring heart rate, sleep and activity, in addition to some changes in the way a person uses the phone, the speed of writing and the frequency of typos, and in the tone of his voice, and examining the expressions of a destination through the phone camera, and the introduction of all these factors in An algorithm that can diagnose mental and psychological problems.
The sources confirmed that Apple will test this technology on 3,000 people this year.




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