Apple bans Fortnite from the App Store indefinitely as the legal battle continues


Apple is on the blacklist It is an electronic game Until the appeals in his legal battle with game maker Epic are over, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney said on Wednesday, a process that could take years.

on Twitter Sweeney called Apple’s decision on Wednesday and said his company would continue to fight.

“This is yet another extraordinary anti-competitive act on the part of An apple, demonstrating their power in reshaping markets and picking winners and losers,” Sweeney said.

The two companies have been grappling with a legal dispute ever since August last year When the game maker tried to bypass Apple’s 30% fee on certain in-app purchases on the App Store by launching its own in-app payment system. Epic Games, creator It is an electronic gameApple has been accused of running its own App Store like a monopoly, wielding too much power over what apps are allowed and how they run.

American judge Appointment In September, it rescinded a significant part of Apple’s App Store rules that prohibit developers from telling users where they can go to pay a developer directly, rather than using Apple’s own payment mechanisms.

While the decision was seen as a partial victory for Epic, the judge did not grant Epic some of its other wishes, such as forcing Apple to open Iphone for third-party app stores.

The judge ruled that Epic did not prove that Apple was an illegal monopoly, but did show that the smartphone giant was engaging in “anti-competitive behavior” under California laws.

Epic made it clear at the time that they did not view the decision as a victory and that they schemes to appeal.

Apple confirmed the authenticity of the message Sweeney shared, but declined to comment further. Apple has not yet determined whether it will request a stay of the injunction pending the appeal process.

According to the message shared by Sweeney, the iPhone maker told Epic Games: “Epic committed a willful breach of contract and breach of trust by concealing the Apple code, making false statements and omissions.

Developers have long criticized Apple’s 15-30% commissions on many App Store purchases, which some developers see as an opaque and unexpected app verification process.


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