An unexpected drug that fights Corona… a study reveals excellent results


A drug used to treat arthritis has shown success in treating “Covid-19” patients caused by the Corona virus, in a study conducted in 12 countries, with excellent results.

And the American magazine “Forbes” said, on Wednesday, that a study conducted on about 155 patients with “Covid-19”, was so successful that it was welcomed, especially in terms of severe cases of the disease.

The most promising treatment is baricitinib, which is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, and has been thought for months to have potential antiviral properties, but is sure to be a powerful stabilizer of inflammation.

This was the point on which the researchers built, as infections caused by severe “Covid-19” infections can be fought through this drug.

And Wesley Eli, a professor of medicine at Vanderbilt University in the United States, says: People with severe cases of the Corona virus are exposed to a defect in many organs, as a result of excessive inflammation, including respiratory distress syndrome.

“Despite the progress in treatment with other drugs, reducing the mortality rate among hospitalized patients remains an unresolved urgent need,” he said.

After initial experiments were conducted on 15 patients with corona, and the result was positive, the researchers designed a larger study that includes 1500 patients.

The researchers found that the promising drug reduced the death rate by about 5 percent, and saved the lives of 20 patients who could have died of corona within 60 days.

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