An outpouring of ridicule because of this scene from the series You Knocking on My Door..the worst drama!


After the trend topped the last episode of the Turkish series “You knock on my doorAfter her show, starring Turkish actress Handa Archil and her colleagueKaram BoursinThe scene of Handa’s birth in the episode was subjected to a wave of ridicule by the audience and harsh criticism. One of the followers even considered one of the worst dramatic scenes that were shown, because of Handa’s makeup that did not show her fatigue after giving birth, and even Borsen’s cold reaction as he helped her give birth.
Followers also ridiculed the scene of the birth of the child, who was born clean, with a full face and in good health, as his age appeared for months, in addition, the umbilical cord of the child was not cut and was placed quite easily.


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