An exotic fruit that can help control blood sugar levels!


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An exotic fruit that can help control blood sugar levels!

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Eating whole, fresh, and in-season fruits can help prevent and control diabetes.

Now, scientists have found a new fruit that can help treat and prevent diabetes.

Jackfruit shows exciting results in controlling type 2 diabetes, according to a joint study at the State Medical College and Chellaram Diabetes Institute.

An exotic fruit that can help control blood sugar levels!

Photo by Azad Azahari: Pexels

Dr. Gopal Rao and AG Onikrishnan, co-authors of the study, revealed that “jackfruit” has shown significant promise in controlling diabetes in adult Indian patients, according to the results of the study.

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Researchers claim that a specific herb

The study examined 40 patients with type 2 diabetes who were mixed 30 grams of jackfruit powder with their food for three months.

The results revealed that the patient’s blood sugar levels decreased, along with a significant decrease in HbA1c glucose levels. Some patients also reported healthy weight loss.

Dr Rao said: “These findings supported by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) could be important in the way diabetes is managed, especially in a country like India where a variety of dietary options are available.”

A separate study confirmed that the anti-diabetic and obesity effects of jackfruit have not been clearly studied, but recent results are promising.

Moreover, it is clear that the exotic fruit components are attractive targets for the scientific community to develop new anti-diabetic and anti-obesity compounds, for the future treatment and prevention of these life-threatening diseases.

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