An audio clip of a university doctor: “I trample students, but girls, my heart does not obey me”


Nayef Al-Salem (echo):

In the past hours, activists circulated an audio clip of a university doctor admitting and admitting his injustice to male students at the expense of female students, and his disparity in treatment between them.

The widely circulated clip showed the university doctor saying to one of his students: “I trample students, but girls do not obey me.”

The hashtag “a university doctor oppresses students” was issued a list of the most widely used Twitter in the Kingdom, amid calls for the competent authorities to hold the doctor accountable.

The male and female students interacted through the hashtag, as one of the female students recounted a similar situation with her doctor at the university, saying: “There was a doctor throughout the lecture who was arrogant with us and did not explain all the sideburns, and among his sideburns was that he did not give the students grades because he knew in advance that they were neglected, while the female students did not take one. He has less than B+ and says, “Be assured once in terms of grades. I give a lot of A+ because you deserve the latter. He gave me D+. Do not trust girls.”


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