An American phone company invents a modern technology that detects those who are about to commit suicide. The house of life


The American newspaper, “The Wall Street Journal”, reported that the American company “Apple” is working on creating a new sensor technology for its “iPhone” phones, which makes the phone determine your psychological state and through this it is able to determine the date of the next suicide, through the phone user’s reactions.

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The newspaper added that the technology is activated when you handle the phone harshly and press the screen violently, or make more spelling errors than you should in your text messages, or use it at bedtime when you are supposed to be asleep, or delay more than usual in responding to calls and communicating with others.

Through the new technology, the “iPhone” will monitor your sleep pattern and behavior, with others and with it in particular, and it will analyze the way you write, the time you use it, and it will identify what information you are looking for, and it will penetrate your psychological state.

According to the leaks received from the development plan, the University of California will study cases of stress, anxiety and depression, to know their psychological and health conditions in general, which will benefit Apple in its quest to take advantage of health-related sensors in its devices.

A scientific team deals with the data of 3,000 people this year, through the “iPhone” camera, keyboard and sound sensors, and combines them with information on facial expressions.

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It is noteworthy that Apple announced, last week, that the exercises known asPilates Fitness and yoga, as well as group physical exercises, will form part of a wave of well-known apps that focus on health as new features to attract customers.


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