Amira Al-Nasser raises controversy after preventing her daughter from becoming famous and appearing on social media


date of publication:
September 17, 2021 13:01 GMT

Update date: September 17, 2021 14:20 GMT

Amira Al-Nasser, one of the famous social networking sites in Saudi Arabia, sparked controversy after talking about withholding her daughter from fame because she belongs to a “very conservative family.”

Amira Al-Nasser wrote in a series of responses to her account on “Snapchat” that “her daughter is a red line” and is forbidden from everything, because “a girl must be preserved until she gets married.”

And it came to Amira Al-Nasser, the wife of Mishaal Al-Khalidi, who is also a celebrity on the communication sites, to say that she could “cut off her daughter’s head” if she appeared on social media.

She said, “Her daughter is 12 years old, and her father does not allow her to use the mobile phone, and she does not use the iPad except in very narrow limits.”


She stressed that she “will never allow her daughter the freedom to act and use communication sites, and she never allows her to go out of the house or make friends, or wear colorful abayas, or reveal her face.”

She justified that these are “customs and traditions”, and that “family members are conservative and follow the expressions (shame and forbidden)”.


In response to the criticism that she should cover her face first, she said, “I covered my face what you liked, so I made my face what you liked, what do I do?”

And Al-Nasser continued, in response to a follow-up that criticized her upbringing: “I and her family and her father entered me forbidding this thing, and frankly it is better, because the girl needs to be preserved so that she does not enter her husband’s house.”

She justified that “her husband is the one who prevents her daughter from becoming famous, but he nevertheless supported her in her fame,” noting that “she fought everyone to become famous, and that the reason for her fame was her husband’s standing by her”, claiming that “the satisfaction of her husband is the most important, and that his satisfaction is from God’s satisfaction. .



After her statements, Amira Al-Nasser faced criticism from the pioneers of social networking sites, where a tweeter called “Al-Harbi” said: “The girl goes to her mother if the shepherd spoils the flock.”

While a tweeter called “Nada” saw that “Nasser”‘s statements were just controversial, and to reach the “Trend”: “Do not get tired of spinning around, and trends are empty. Do not give them more than their size, like yesterday, a frenzy of the sponsors of the hashtag was raised, and there is nothing but wellness.”

Another supported it as “striving to gain more followers and ads.”


Amira Al-Nasser often raises controversy among followers, as last June she caused a state of controversy, because of her implementation of the request of her famous Saudi husband, “Snapchat”, Mishaal Al-Khalidi, to kiss him in front of passers-by in the market.

Her announcement to wear the niqab and then take it off again caused widespread criticism, in addition to her divorce from her husband Khalidi and returning to him again.


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