American doctors record a large number of children infected with the “RSV” virus


American doctors record a large number of children infected with the virus



The “Washington Post” newspaper reported that two Washington children’s hospitals announced that they had recorded a growth in the number of people infected with the respiratory cellular virus “RSV”.

The newspaper quoted doctors that the infection is often accompanied by an increase in temperature, as well as the appearance of cough and a runny nose. However, in some cases this can lead to shortness of breath, a type of respiratory failure, as well as to bronchiolitis, a disease of the lower branches of the bronchi. Originally, the number of infection with this virus increased in the winter, but today there are already more people infected with the virus than usual.

Doctors believe that the Corona virus pandemic indirectly affected the growth of the number of RSV infections. And last winter, pediatricians did not record infection with this virus and the traditional flu, due to the restrictions imposed against the background of the spread of the Corona virus, especially the ban on conducting group activities. But after some measures were eased, the number of infections began to rise, and it increased since the end of last March within 12 weeks, in conjunction with the cases of the “delta” mutated from the Corona virus.

The National Children’s Hospital in Washington said that the number of people infected with the virus “RSV” in the intensive care unit is twice the number of cases of corona virus. For his part, pediatrician Dean Finkelstein, from the “Capitol Medical Group” hospital, indicated that many questions have arisen among children’s parents about the connection of the Corona virus with the “RSV” virus. The doctor believes that the virus has not become more dangerous than it was previously, but doctors are currently forced to treat people infected with corona and “RSV”.

Information from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that RSV is the most common cause of pneumonia in children under one year of age. When the infection gets deep into the lungs, children with it have difficulty breathing and may need to be taken to hospital and an oxygen mask.

Source: RIA Novosti


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