Ambassador Moushira Khattab during the opening of the Isis Festival: Theater has a stronger influence, especially women’s theater


During her speech at the opening ceremony of the founding session of the festival, which was held in the open theater of the Egyptian Opera House, the President of the Isis International Festival for Women’s Theater confirmed that the festival dedicates its first session to one as long as it addresses women’s issues and adopts them in her writings, illuminates and inspired a lot, is the late writer Fathia Al-Assal, the struggler, mother and humanity, and from The most important goals of the festival are to support the state’s efforts to empower women, build cultural bridges between women in different parts of the world, motivate women to express themselves within an artistic and intellectual framework, and promote the values ​​of acceptance of the other.

Then came the word of the Ambassador, Moshira Khattab, who said: I am happy and proud of those who contributed to this festival, and I greet the festival guests from the sisterly Arab countries as well as foreign countries. Art is freedom of expression, whether in cinema, singing or theater, but theater is alive, so its impact is stronger, especially women’s theater Women have an ancient vision, and I am proud of the human rights strategy, and that the Egyptian constitution for the first time says that human rights are an essential component of the state.

The opening ceremony, which is directed by the director and director of the Vanguard Theater, artist Adel Hassan, began with an artistic performance by the “Drum Al-Sit” group, which is managed by the artist Suha Mohamed Ali, and it consists of 6 girls who play the drum and sing, accompanied by the artist, Sayed, the municipal oboe player, some songs such as “Ala Waraq Al Fal”. Yabihiya” and others.

It is noteworthy that the Board of Trustees of the Isis Festival are the star Sawsan Badr, honorary president of the founding session, Abeer Lotfy, festival president, writer Rasha Abdel Moneim, festival director, director Abeer Ali, festival director, Ambassador Mushira Khattab as a member, director Khairy Beshara as a member, the media moshaira Musa as a member, and the critic Abla Al-Ruwaini as a member, director Said Kabil as a member, Noura Amin, the founding advisor, and Ramy Abdel Razek as the technical advisor.


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