Alexander Aloum flirts with Riyad’s mercy after “Murex d’Or”, and her sister reveals the reason for her downfall at the party


Rahma Riad caught the eye at the Murex d’Or awards ceremony after winning the Arab and Iraqi Star Singing Award, and occupied the audience after she fell at the ceremony due to her feeling unwell and losing consciousness, and her sister reassured the audience about her health condition.

Alexandre Aloum flirts with Rahma Riad after receiving the “Murex d’Or”

The artist Alexandre Uloom flirted with his wife, the artist Rahma Riad, after receiving the “Murex d’Or” award as the star of Arab and Iraqi singing for her song “The Planet.” And he sent her a message expressing his happiness and great pride in her, and stressed that she deserves all that, and the duo caught the eye after they appeared together at the Murex D’or Awards yesterday.

Rahma Riyad’s sister reveals the details of her health condition

Rahma Riad’s sister, Rahma Riad, reassured the audience today about her sister’s health condition, after she fainted behind the scenes of the ceremony, and posted a clarification through the Story feature on Instagram and said: “Clarification regarding Rahma’s fall at the Murex D’or Awards, Rahma who is unfortunately not known this week. She spent it at the airports… Extreme tiredness and exhaustion due to travel, the conclusion was yesterday, she finished the eastern party in Saudi Arabia late, and it was only one trip to Lebanon a few hours before the awards ceremony.

And Nehme Riad continued in her message about her sister Rahma’s health condition: “This trip was a transit to Jeddah, and then moved to Lebanon at dawn, arrived in Jeddah and moved two hours later to Lebanon and arrived in Beirut at 1 pm, and of course there was no time to sleep, so she continued and prepared herself for the party. Because of fatigue, lack of sleep, eating and psychological pressure, unfortunately, she passed out.

Rahma Riad worries the public after her fall at the Murex d’Or party

Rahma Riad reassured the audience yesterday in an interview with “ET Arabi” and said that she felt very dizzy on the red carpet and lost consciousness due to fatigue, lack of sleep and her frequent travel recently, and published pictures of her today from her appearance at the Murex d’Or party and expressed her happiness at receiving the award and said: “ It was a golden night! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love and support! Thank you, Beirut.


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