Al-Raed sweeps Al-Taawoun by five and leads the Saudi League


Al-Raed turned the table in the face of his traditional rival, Al-Taawon, and turned his loss by three goals to one, to a broad victory by five goals to three in the meeting that brought them together in the fifth round of the Saudi Professional League.

The confrontation of the Buraidah poles appeared in full excitement after witnessing the scoring of eight goals, including seven that attended the second half of the match. With this great victory, Al-Raed snatched the points of the confrontation and raised his score to the tenth point, advancing to the top of the standings temporarily.

Al-Raed opened the scoring in the first half through Karim Al-Barkawi, before Al-Taawoun managed to advance with a three-pointer at the beginning of the second half within five minutes, through Tawamba, who scored two goals in addition to the newly joined team Levanor, before Al-Raed rose up and scored four goals signed by Raed Al-Ghamdi and Mansour Al-Bishi, Karim Al-Barkawi and Abdullah Al-Muqrin.


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