Al-Kazemi enters the line.. Torture causes a husband to “confess” to killing his still alive wife


Today, Tuesday, the Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, directed the opening of an immediate investigation into what was attributed to the relevant authorities’ criminal accusation of a citizen with a crime “it is not clear whether it was committed or committed.”

A government statement stated, “Al-Kazemi also directed the arrest of the official responsible for combating crime in the area under arrest, and referring all officials to investigation, as far as their job responsibilities are related to the accusation of the citizen who is the subject of the accusation that is not based on evidence.”

According to the statement, Al-Kazemi stressed the need to adhere to human rights principles in all government procedures.

He also ordered that the investigation be conducted and the circumstances revealed, and that the participants in default be held legal and criminal responsible for any injustice or unfairness affecting an Iraqi citizen, regardless of the ranks and positions of the defaulters, according to the statement.

Al-Kazemi stressed the importance of “restoring all the rights of the victim, and compensating him for the abuses and violations he faced during the investigation.”

Months ago, Iraqi media circulated information about a “horrific crime”, where a man “confessed” in the southern province of Babylon to burning his wife and throwing her in the river.

Yesterday, however, the “convicted” husband was released after the appearance of his wife, who had disappeared for months, and it later emerged, according to jurists, that the husband was forced to “confess” what he was accused of by his wife’s family and had to support the story under the torture of investigators.

Source: RT


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