Al-Ahly’s general assembly reveals a large financial deficit


The General Assembly of Al-Ahly Club was held, on Wednesday evening, in the presence of the members of the association and the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Majed Al-Nafie, in addition to representatives of the Ministry of Sports.

Al-Ahly’s new administration, headed by Majid Al-Nafi’i, has worked extensively during the last period, in order to repay the debts that the club suffers from, to obtain a certificate of financial efficiency.

And the official account of Al-Ahly Club, on the social networking site “Twitter”, published the details of the general assembly meeting, which began with reading and approving the agenda.

The General Assembly continued its work, with the report of the Board of Directors, including the annual report, and then the financial statements were presented after being reviewed and audited by the auditor.

It included the financial statements, revenues, expenses, financial position and financial obligations as on June 30, 2021, and the appointment of the auditor was approved for the fiscal year ending on June 30, 2021.

The financial data for football was as follows: Revenues during the fiscal year were 240,644.723 Saudi riyals, and an amount of 339,204,416 Saudi riyals was spent, bringing the financial deficit to 98,559,693 Saudi riyals.

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The Al-Ahly administration is seeking, during the coming period, to compensate for this large financial deficit, in order to continue the path of correction for the elite, and to fill all the debts owed by the club.

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