After threatening to commit suicide, a painful message from an Egyptian doctor who lost his sight


The Egyptian doctor, Mahmoud Sami Qneiber, published He lost his sight while working in the treatment of people infected with the Corona virus At the Isolation Hospital in Baltim City in Kafr El-Sheikh, a video clip, in which he apologizes for what he wrote in advance regarding his contemplation of suicide.

He confirmed that he wrote down his thoughts of suicide after going through a bad psychological crisis because he did not adapt to the current situation of what he is going through during his stay in the housing unit granted to him by the governorate.

He is afraid for his child

He also explained that when he wanted to do something in his house, without waking his wife, he could not, in addition to his feeling of weakness about his young son, who did not exceed the age of one and a half years in case he was harmed, and he could not save him because of his current condition.

And he announced his intention to go to a psychiatrist to receive the necessary treatment for his bad psychological condition, offering his apologies to all those who expressed concern about him.

suicidal ideation

Qneibar had written on his personal Facebook page before removing the post: “Without provoking emotions and feelings of fear and pity, I am contemplating suicide. The day dawns, why I don’t know, lost in a great sea of ​​illusions.”

It is noteworthy that Dr. Mahmoud Sami Qneiber was exposed to a bad condition, which caused him to lose his sight while working in the Isolation Hospital in Baltim, Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate.


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