After interacting with her picture with the veil, Yasmina Al-Alwani: “It’s not too late.”


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The young Egyptian singer Yasmina Al-Alwani surprised her followers on “Twitter”, by clarifying that the time had not yet come, after a great interaction with a picture she published with the hijab earlier.

Yasmina said in a tweet that she posted on her official account on “Twitter”, Saturday: “Everyone rejoiced for me from his heart and wished me the veil.

And she explained: “The picture that I published, the tweet that passed, is not the first time I publish it, on the contrary, I published it a lot before, because I am optimistic about it, and the comment attached to it, I was clear through it that I am afraid of Corona, and I have improved, thank God.”

Reactions varied, regarding Yasmina’s clarification, as there were those who congratulated her on her recovery, and expressed their support for her, while some accused her of “laughing at people’s minds” in order to gain a “trend”.

The young singer responded in a subsequent tweet, by thanking her followers for their wishes, and warning them against “Corona”, saying: “Thank you for your interest and your prayers, and I hope you will be mine one day, and they pray for me to complete the recovery, and be mindful of yourself because Corona is really not easy, may God protect us.” He will protect you all.”

Yasmina Al-Alwani had previously published a picture of her with a headscarf, commenting on it: “Praise be to God, we have begun the stage of improvement and we have begun to die.

What led her followers to believe that she wore the veil, and they expressed great support for her in this step, knowing that she appeared in a similar image earlier, and published it through her official account on “Facebook”, congratulating her followers last Eid al-Adha.

The Arab world became acquainted with the young Egyptian singer for the first time, when she participated in the fourth season of the “Arab Got Talent” program, and won the golden “Baz” from the Lebanese artist Najwa Karam in the stage of auditions, but later she was not lucky to win the title.

Yasmina Al-Alwani released her first lyrical work, “Hanala” in 2017, followed by her first album, “Love Story” two years later.


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